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The LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler

Jershon Inc.’s ladder leveler products provide ladder users the best ladder-leveling and quickest ladder set-up in the industry. Unlike Levelok brand and other manual ladder levelers, our AUTO ladder levelers level instantaneously and rock solid every time, eliminating the need for manually adjusting pins, levers, locks and perhaps most importantly, by eliminating decision-making as a step in the ladder placement and leveling process. Jershon Inc. products save you TIME, MONEY and EFFORT by making your ladders more CONVENIENT and SAFE.

LEVEL-EZE automatic ladder levelers are manufactured and marketed by Jershon Inc. of Shelby, Michigan.  Jershon Inc. also manufactures the PK80-2 auto ladder leveler for Werner Co.   Where did we start? Jershon Inc. was formed in the spring of 1990 around the patented automatic ladder levelers known as Ladder Magic. Our automatic ladder levelers were further innovated and patented to improve on the success of the original Ladder Magic levelers.

It’s never been just about leveling a ladder!  For over 25 years Jershon Inc has sought to provide each auto-leveler user increased CONVENIENCE and SAFETY:


AUTOMATIC leveling and locking saves you time, money and effort.  How?  Level-EZE levelers eliminate the need to make multiple trips back to the vehicle or garage to get digging tools and blocking and eliminates the time it takes digging out a manual leveler and making sure it is attached correctly. Set you ladder with speed and confidence! Workers quickly move from one jobsite to another without stopping to make leveler adjustments saving effort for the job to be done.  Our levelers are built to last the life of the ladder.  Made of high quality aluminum and steel, these levelers require very little maintenance and outlast competitor levelers.  You have better and more lucrative things to do than to worry about if your leveler will work each and every time.  Enjoy the convenience of use and of knowing you are doing your jobs in the most efficient and professional way.  Ask the experienced ladder repair technicians of Advanced Ladders, Batavia, Brandco Ladder Repair, Industrial Ladder, Joe Mar Inc., Ladder Doctor, Nationwide Ladders, and US Safety about which brand of levelers will save you the most time, money and effort!


Automatic leveling eliminates human error and poor decision-making which are a primary cause of all ladder accidents.  Staying on the job and out of the hospital saves you and your workers further time and money.  Lapses in memory, rushing, and distraction can result in manual levelers not being properly leveled and locked before and during use.  By leveling and locking automatically, the user can focus on the task and enjoy increased productivity, time-savings and the losses associated with fall accidents.

Did you know there are 93,000 people hurt each year on ladders and 21,000 construction accidents each year in the U.S. involve ladders? Half of the victims lose time and money.  Help Jershon Inc. help YOU improve efficiency and ensure safety by demanding auto ladder levelers be installed on every ladder you use.

Do you have New ladders on order? Ask your ladder manufacturer/vendor to factory install our levelers on your next order of new ladders.

Do you have current ladders without auto levelers installed? Ask us how we can help you to get auto levelers installed on all your current ladders.   (231) 861-2900