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The LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler

LEVEL-EZE Auto Leveler FAQ

  • How will the LEVEL-EZE leveler system improve my existing ladder?

 Jershon’s LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler reduces the possibility of your ladder shifting unexpectedly by providing a stable, level base, despite uneven terrain. Not only does it instantly lock level, it also increases the overall stability of the ladder because the installed leveler device adds approximately four inches to the width of the ladder base. It makes the set-up and placement of your existing ladder exceptionally fast and convenient by allowing you to keep both hands on the ladder and both feet on the ground when you set your ladder into position. No need to be off balance or in an awkward position while your hands or feet wrestle with pins, latches, and levers. Simply set the ladder in place and get your job done.

  •  What are the main benefits of using the LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler?

In a few words … significantly improved safety and productivity. No more digging holes, slippery boards or shifting bricks.  LEVEL-EZE allows you to keep both hands on the ladder and both feet on the ground while setting your ladder level.  Because the LEVEL-EZE is automatic, it only takes one second to set your ladder level.  That’s an average of saving six minutes every time you move your ladder.  Those minutes add up to serious savings; about an 11% increase in productivity.

  • How does LEVEL-EZE hold up in harsh weather and the day to day work environment?

The LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler is designed and built for professional use. Aircraft quality aluminum is used for the housing and other aluminum parts.  All steel components are plated and dipped according to automotive industry standards to fight corrosion.  When properly installed, your LEVEL-EZE will last for the life of the ladder. See our maintenance suggestions in FAQ 8 to minimize chance of malfunction in harsh environments.

  • How does the LEVEL-EZE work?

The LEVEL-EZE comes with two legs, hardware, and an aluminum connecting rod. Both legs of the LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler are connected by the aluminum rod which allows the legs to work in tandem; when one leg moves up, the other moves down. The legs lock in place automatically when as little as 9 lbs of weight is applied while both leveler feet are on the ground.  Lifting the ladder unlocks the legs and allows them to move freely until the ladder is set down again.

  • Can I install the LEVEL-EZE on my existing ladder?

The LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler can be installed in about twenty-five minutes on any aluminum, or fiberglass ladder. Installation instructions and videos are available to assist first time installers.

  • Can I purchase an extension ladder with the LEVEL-EZE already installed?

Many ladder manufacturers will sell new ladders with the LEVEL-EZE factory installed. Additionally, most ladder and tool distributors can have the LEVEL-EZE installed for you on new ladders or on your previously purchased ladders for a small installation fee.

  • Is the LEVEL-EZE truly automatic?

YES! The LEVEL-EZE locks rock solid automatically in just one second.  Because it is automatic it is much easier and faster than using a manual leveler.  You are able to keep both hands on the ladder and both feet on the ground when leveling your ladder.  There are no manual releases, buttons, levers, pins or latches to deal with; and no fancy footwork required to level your ladder.  Instead you get to focus on the job at hand and enjoy the safety, stability and convenience of the LEVEL-EZE automatic ladder leveler.

  • What are the suggested Maintenance Instructions?

All mechanical devices will require minor maintenance occasionally. The LEVEL-EZE has been engineered to outlive the life of the ladder on which it is installed.  Depending on the type of use and the environment in which the ladder is used, occasional light lubrication of slide surfaces (using dry silicon spray such as WD-40 Specialist Water-Resistant Silicone Spray or Teflon lube spray) will keep your LEVEL-EZE operating smoothly.  Be careful to not lubricate with greases and standard WD-40 type sprays which leave a wet residue and collect dirt and debris. In high dust, dirt or sand environments, regular inspection and cleaning of the leveler and sprockets with pressurized water or air will minimize the chance of malfunction. In icy and snowy environments, regular inspection and warming of the leveler will minimize the chance of binding associated with snow and ice.

  • Will the LEVEL-EZE adjust to any surface including level surfaces? 

The LEVEL-EZE will automatically adjust for up to a 9 and a half inch difference between the foot heights of each leg. This allows for use on steps and steep sloping terrain. It’s steel gears accomplish precision adjustment down to 3/16 inch increments. Conveniently, the leveler works equally well on level surfaces as on uneven terrain. Further, the rubber pads of the leveler feet provide traction on a variety of surfaces.

  • Will the LEVEL-EZE weaken my ladder or change the ladder’s load rating?

No. Because of our concern for safety, the LEVEL-EZE was tested at four times the ladder’s load rating by Underwriters Laboratories without a single failure.  LEVEL-EZE is the only automatic ladder leveler that meets all ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for portable extension ladders.

  • Why do the Installation Instructions suggest to cut off the bottom rung of my ladder?

Installation of the LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler adds to the overall length of the ladder if the bottom rung is not cut off. While this is not an issue for most customers, the additional length could potentially change the duty rating of the ladder because duty ratings are based upon the ladder testing at its original manufactured length.  As such, Underwriters Laboratories suggests that the bottom rung be cut off if the customer wants to ensure the ladder is within the length that corresponds to the duty rating of the ladder.

  • Will the ladder manufacturer’s warranty be affected by installing LEVEL-EZE on my ladder?

No. In fact, most major ladder manufacturers acknowledge that permanent installation of LEVEL-EZE improves ladder safety and has no negative effect on the ladder’s functionality or life expectancy. In fact, Werner Ladder Co., the nation’s largest ladder manufacturer, sells LEVEL-EZE levelers under their private label using the brand name “Level Master” Model PK80-2.

  • What testing standard has LEVEL-EZE passed?

The LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler was tested by Underwriters  Laboratories at four times the ladder load rating without a single failure. Additionally, LEVEL-EZE meets or exceeds all ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for portable extension ladders.  Our own life test has cycled the LEVEL-EZE over 90,000 times with little sign of wear and NO Failure!

  • What is the LEVEL-EZE guarantee?

One year defective part replacement warranty with proof of purchase.

  • Who makes the LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler?

The LEVEL-EZE is manufactured by Jershon Inc. in Shelby, Michigan.  Jershon, Inc. owns the United States and other patents related to automatic ladder levelers.

  • What is the difference between an automatic and a manual ladder leveler?

The main difference that automatic ladder levelers decrease the risk of Operator error and injury.  An extension ladder is an awkward and potentially dangerous piece of equipment if mishandled or misused. Anything which reduces ladder control creates the increased risk of an accident.  A gust of wind or uneven ground can easily tip the ladder over just when you are trying to set it down and level it.  Manual ladder levelers require that you use your hand or your foot to adjust the length of the leveler at the very time you need the most ladder control.  Imagine instead an Automatic Ladder Leveler that allows you to keep both hands on the ladder and both feet firmly on the ground while setting your ladder level!  It takes just one second.  Safety, convenience and time saving are the main reasons that LEVEL-EZE is the ladder leveler of choice by contractors, utility workers and home owners.